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documents we sign and notarize


Real Estate Closings

Our Notaries are Certified NNA Mobile Closing Agents and can print your complete closing on mixed legal and letter size paper.


DMV Transfers

There are distinct DMV transfer regulations for each state. For these signings, it's quite simple for a signature or notarization to be overlooked, and once everyone has left, it's very challenging to correct the issue. You want to make sure that everything is done properly in this unique circumstance. You should put this sort of signature in the hands of our knowledgeable notaries.


Divorce Papers

Divorce is never a simple process. This signature requires a genuine specialist to manage it. Our notaries are quite familiar with these papers and is aware of the delicate nature of the case. We consistently offer the professionalism required to make this process simple.


Last Will And Testament

A Last Will and Testament is a significant legal document with far-reaching implications. To manage a signature like this, you will need an experienced notary. You want to have confidence that the notarization was done correctly so that it can be read to the beneficiaries with ease when the time comes.


Power of Attorney

Time can be the biggest concern when there is an emergency. We have done several of Power of Attorney signings and Directives and know just how important it is to have it done right away. There are times when we can be at your loved one's hospital room within the hour.


I-9 Verification Forms

As employers use notary publics, we are acting as an authorized representative of the employer, not as a notary. We perform the same required actions as an authorized representative and when doing so, We do not place our official notary stamp on any I-9 form.

more documents we sign and notarize

Mother and Daughter

Child Custody Document Notarization

School Application
Image by Annie Spratt

Travel Consent Forms

Image by Gabe Pierce

Adoption Paperwork

Safe Room

Witnessing Safe Deposit Box Opening

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